4D Blues Band

4dbluesbandWe are happy to announce the formation of 4D Blues Band! Over the past few years, Chris Winters Band has teamed up with Chicago vocalist Kimberly Johnson on numerous occasions. This has led to the recording of their first EP “4D Blues Band.” Chris’ last CD the critically acclaimed “Blue Fever” was an instrumental blues recording. But now, something new is at hand!

Kimberly Johnson has had a rich and varied musical upbringing which, has involved her in many styles of music including; Gospel, Jazz, Blues and Musical Theater. Kimberly hails from Alton Il. After finishing school at American Music and Dramatic Academy in New York, she relocated to Chicago Il. It was then that she became involved in the blues scene there and eventually, with Chris Winters Band.

And the result is a new band, 4D Blues Band!